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Bridge Crane 3D - Transportation & Logistics

1279 runs

Added by Andrei Borshchev

Application area: Manufacturing

Simulation method: Agent Based

Bridge Crane 3D

An example of a 3D animation of a bridge crane + some simple logic.

The bridge crane has three degrees of freedom: it moves along the rails (in our model in the X dimension), its hoist moves along the bridge (Y dimension), and the load moves up and down (Z dimension). The crane is controlled by three sliders. By moving a slider you define the target coordinate for X, Y, or Z, and the crane starts moving. We use a number of 3D shapes and a 3D group with dynamic properties.

The function X() returns the current X coordinate of the crane. If the crane is not moving (the event moveX is inactive), the current X equals the target X. Otherwise we calculate the distance to cover, which is the product of speed and time to target and subtract it from the target X. The slider sets the start X to the current X and starts a new movement by scheduling moveX at the time of arrival.

The same applies to Y and Z dimensions.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Manufacturing

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