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Copper Nickel Mine - Manufacturing

Application area: Mining

Simulation method: Agent Based, Discrete Event

Tags: mining

Copper Nickel Mine

This sample model illustrates conventional process of mining copper and nickel ore using room-and-pillar method. Rooms represent parts of ore that are mined out during production and pillars represent parts of ore that are left to support a mine roof.
Main mining operations include drilling, charging, blast works, loading ore to shuttle cars, hauling ore to an ore pass and roof bolting that strictly follow each other for each room.  After charging works are finished for any room, a whole mine panel is prepared for blasting.  This means that jumbos and roof bolters interrupt its work and return to station. ANFO chargers, LHDs and shuttle cars return to basement after finishing their current tasks. When all mining fleet returns to station, blasting is performed. Then each machine returns to the part of mine it had worked with.

The model focuses on the problem of equipment reaching a target room as the route can be blocked by another working or moving machine. In this case part of room that is ready for the mining process stays in idle state. The model helps to find  optimal quantity of mining fleet units to reduce possible collisions of the routes and working places of equipment.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Mining

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