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Distribution Center - Transportation & Logistics

Application area: Warehouse modeling

Simulation method: Discrete Event

Distribution Center

The model simulates how the distribution center warehouse operates. The principal operations are: unloading, loading, and order assembly.
Unloading: truck delivers pallets of one type, then the pallets are unloaded with a forklift to the receiving dock, and then transported to the main storage.
Loading: truck takes the ready orders from the assigned dock. The total amount of orders for one truck must take up at least half of its capacity.
The pallets are loaded into the truck with a forklift. Order assembly: the order can be assembled from pallets of different types.      
The order can be assembled if the required pallets can be put in the storage near the dock, and the main storage has the required number of pallets of required types.
The order is assembled by forklift trucks. The assembly takes place in the dock, or if there is not enough space there, - in the additional storage zone.    

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Warehouse modeling

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