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Ward Medication Management - Healthcare

1124 runs

Added by AnyLogic

Application area: Medicine

Simulation method: Agent Based, System Dynamics

Ward Medication Management

This demonstration model helps design, test and evaluate interventions to reduce patient harm due to medication prescribing and administration errors by doctors, nurses and pharmacists in a hospital. The model spans multiple time scales, with yearly, weekly and hourly time frames for patterns and events of interest. It is structured to explore the interaction among: (SD model) the long-term yearly changes in numbers and combinations of hospital drug formulary uses, information and communications infrastructure, incident reporting and learning systems, and staff retention, and (AB model) the daily generation and interception of errors and mitigation of patient harm by simple ward doctor, nurse and pharmacist agents interacting during the medication management processes. The effect of pharmacist prescribing review and final nurse administration checks on the interception of errors and generation of new errors is represented in a stylized "Swiss cheese" error management animation. There are bidirectional links between the continuous SD and discrete AB models.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Medicine

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