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Efficiency Management - Healthcare

299 runs

Added by Gbenro Selere

Application area: healthcare

Simulation method: Agent Based, Discrete Event

Efficiency Management


The aim of this simulation was to see how to improve the level of patient care towards patients. This simulation follows in the footsteps of an emergency department but the main focus is towards a basic clinic. AnyLogic seemed to be the best form of simulation software to use as the Controls and logic were rather quite easy for me to get accustomed to.


The patients are to enter then their priortiy is decided if high or low. If high they proceed directly to the doctors available to consult on their issues, and if their priorities are low, they are placed in a queue and attended to be the relevant official i.e nurse. Due to my beginner level knowledge of the functionalities accustomed to AnyLogic my model doesn't really explain much, but I am aiming towards improving on it.


The time frame was for 12 hrs and the number of patients attended to was more than I could have expected.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / healthcare

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