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Community Micro-Grid Design Simulator - Marketplace & Competition

3285 runs

Added by Denes Csala

Application area: micro-grid design, energy simulator, community development

Simulation method: Agent Based

Community Micro-Grid Design Simulator

Welcome to the community micro-grid design simulation game!

Please setup the model's energetic and economic parameters in the area above and the select the
number of households that you would like to simulate.

Upon initialization, you will be redirected to the main system dashboard, where you can select
each house to set its consumption by clicking. At any point in time you can go back to the dashboard
to monitor the dynamics of the system.

The simulator starts in automatic mode, in which a random consumption profile is automatically generated.
You can switch into manual mode and back into automatic at any time.

The simulation runs for one week = 168 hours.

Have fun!

The game has been developed and designed by Ayu Abdullah (
This online simulator has been developed by Denes Csala (

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / micro-grid design, energy simulator, community development

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