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Wildfire - Ecosystem Dynamics

1492 runs

Added by Andrei Borshchev

Application area: Wildfire, ecology, forestry, grid cells, agent based

Simulation method: Agent Based


This is a model of a wildfire. Vegetation is modeled as grid cells - agents in discrete space. The burning time of a cell is proportional to the amount of “fuel” in the cell, which is randomly generated at the model startup. While burning, the cell may cause ignition in adjacent cells. The probability of ignition depends on the wind direction (which you can change on the fly). You can cause the initial ignition by clicking a cell. The ignition may also be caused by a bomb dropped by the aircraft – an agent moving in continuous 2D space that overlaps the discrete space. This model, among other things, shows how the two types of space can be linked. The model is computationally very efficient because there are no time steps in this model; the behavior of vegetation cells and the aircraft is defined in the form of a statechart.

The model was created with AnyLogic - simulation software / Wildfire, ecology, forestry, grid cells, agent based

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